Sports Performance training in Peebles and the Scottish Borders, rehabilitation, strength work, injury prevention


Improving Performance

With over 15 years of experience training professional and international athletes from around the world, Phil Mack is considered a leading expert in the field of strength and conditioning.

Phil has successfully worked with the South African Springbok Rugby Team, as well as other professional rugby teams from Australia, England, Scotland and Ireland. He has also coached athletes with the South African Triathlon Team as well as elite cyclists.

Since returning to Scotland, Phil has found it rewarding being able use the skills and experience he has acquired over many years to help local athletes and sports people in a variety of sports including mountain bikers, cyclists, triathletes, rugby players, runners and climbers.

Regardless of if you are a beginner to sport or an elite athlete, Phil can help you train and race like a professional. He will help you set realistic goals and explain how to effectively train towards them. He is able to offer plenty of bespoke advice including recovery, diet, periodised training, race preparation, and especially the mental aspects of training and racing.

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Returning to Sport After Injury

Our highly skilled Sports Physiotherapists are able to help you safely and effectively get back to your sport after injury. By focusing on correct functional movement and progressing at a level that will help strengthen your previous injury, you will quickly regain confidence and have a clear path for a return to full training. 

There are a variety of limitations that can prevent athletes from reaching their peak performance, for example, unresolved injuries or injuries caused by poor technique, lack of mobility or flexibility and bio-mechanical errors. Functional imbalances caused by poor posture or muscular imbalances from hours of sitting at work are also common reasons for athletes developing injuries, and therefore not reaching their true potential.

Our team of Sports Physiotherapists have a wealth of experience working with athletes of all levels, in many different sports, and can help you by understanding your sport, why you are injured and developing a treatment and rehab plan that will help you to return to your sport, injury free.

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