“Running Beyond Limits” Seminar, Peebles

An informative talk on injury prevention and recovery followed by a fascinating insight into the incredible adventures of Andrew Murray – the Ultimate Marathon Man.

Andrew Murray is a doctor, runner, speaker and author who takes on epic physical challenges across the world. He has run 2,659 miles from John O’ Groats to the Sahara desert, up Kilimanjaro in 7 hours, and won races at the North Pole, Antarctica and Outer Mongolia. In November 2012, he ran 7 ultra-marathons in 7 continents on 7 consecutive days. He is also an inspired and inspiring talker.

Phil Mack is one of Scotland’s most experienced Sports Physiotherapists and a Sports Scientist. He has worked with the South African Springbok Rugby Team, Australian ACT Brumbies, Leicester Tigers and South African Triathlon Team amongst others.

Phil and Andrew raised a total of £352 for the Sick Children’s Foundation from our talk, including the proceeds from the sales of Andrew’s book “Running Beyond Limits” (buy your copy here).