A private parking bay is available for your use while you attend your physiotherapy appointment at our South Gyle Clinic.

The bay is located behind the Lothian Joint Valuation Board building (LJVB) – access is from Marnin Way. There is also Disabled parking available (two spaces) for disabled badge holders.

Drive past the clinic (clinic on your right) for 80 yards (past the Lothian Valuation Joint Board Building).

Turn immediately right down the lane, Marnin Way.

Parking bays are available

Parking bays are located at the end of the lane behind the LVJB building.

The key is located in a key safe box affixed to the wooden cladded wall by the side door of the LJVB building.

The code is 1208.

Please close the key safe and scramble the code once you have taken the key.

Use the key to unlock the bollard.

Turn the key fully to ensure the lock opens.

Unlock the bollard then lift it up slightly and fold it down before parking.

Walk to the clinic for your physiotherapy treatment – left at the entrance to Marnin Way.

After your appointment, please pull out of the parking space, relock the bollard and return the key to the key safe remembering to scramble the code.

Please don’t drive home with our key!

If you need assistance, please call 07738 304 238