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Edinburgh Physiotherapy

45-minute initial consultation £58
30-minute follow-up consultation £53

With Phil Mack, Consultant Sports & MSK Physiotherapist:
45- minute initial consultation £65
30-minute follow-up £60

Peebles Physiotherapy

45-minute initial consultation £55
30-minute follow-up consultation £50

With Phil Mack, Consultant Sports & MSK Physiotherapist:
45-minute initial consultation £60
30-minute follow- up £55


Edinburgh and Peebles

45-minute home visit physiotherapy consultation £85
45-minute work place/station assessment (including detailed report and recommendations) £110


Edinburgh:- If you would like to make an appointment at any of our three Edinburgh massage clinics please call Fiona McFadyen on 07947 342952

1-hour appointment £47
30-minute appointment £32

Peebles:- if you would like to make an appointment at our Peebles massage clinic please call Kristina Hanson on 07907 508624 or BOOK ONLINE

1-hour appointment £50


Shockwave is available at our Edinburgh Physiotherapy clinics as well as Peebles Physiotherapy and is administered by a Shockwave Therapy Specialist. During your appointment, your Specialist will combine physiotherapy treatment and advice along with your shockwave therapy to ensure you get the best chance of a successful result.
Research and experience suggest that a minimum of three treatments is required, but this can be discussed with your Specialist during your appointment.

The cost for 3 sessions £255. Alternatively, you can book a single consultation and treatment at £85.
Please contact the admin team on 0131 218 3000 to make a booking.


Shockwave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction using highly specialised focused shockwave equipment is available from our Edinburgh clinic.
The amount of sessions required varies from patient to patient, and depends on a number of factors. Therefore we offer a free, no obligation phone consultation with our Shockwave Therapy Specialist to establish the likely number of sessions required, explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

Please contact the admin team on 0131 218 3000 to arrange your initial free consultation.
The cost is £300 per session.


A discount scheme is available to groups and sports clubs.

We cover all major insurance companies.

Based on 54 reviews.
Grant Wood
Grant Wood
9. February, 2022.
Had terrible trouble with my physiotherapy until Biju took over. The difference in a month was incredible. I went from limping and barely able to move my leg to 20K steps a day and even managed some short jogs. I really can't recommend him highly enough and a true gentleman to boot.
Pauline Bradley
Pauline Bradley
16. December, 2021.
I have just had my second treatment session with Jacqui archer at South gyle clinic for a recurring ligament knee injury. Within a week I can already see improvements with her massage and excercises she gave me.she is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain everything.i really like her hands on approach and she makes you feel really comfortable and relaxed.i would certainly recommend her to my friends and fact my son is seeing Jacquie and recommend her.thank goodness for me.i have another appt next week.thank you Jacqui 👍
Ashish Jena
Ashish Jena
14. December, 2021.
Suffered from a neck pain for almost 3 weeks due to the mattress issue. Anthony helped me with the alleviation of pain. I was surprised by how quick the treatment worked for me. Thanks to him I am now more mindful about my posture, health and taken the right steps to build my strength.What I liked the most was that the focus on my overall well being which is a stimulus to a overall better health.
Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole
9. December, 2021.
I came to see Anthony with back pain and sciatica caused by playing sport. He was extremely helpful and within a few sessions I already had made a lot of progress. I’m back playing all sports now and have the knowledge going forward to prevent future injury. Many Thanks!
John Burns
John Burns
29. November, 2021.
Highly recommended. Anthony was very thorough, professional and provided a structured exercise programme to expedite my recovery from back injury.
15. September, 2021.
After being troubled by persistent injuries for a number of years I had almost given up hope of recovery. 2 previous physio's failed to treat the underlying issues but Anthony at the Physiotherapy Clinics was able to correctly diagnose and treat issues that I never thought would heal! Anthony is a very friendly and genuine guy who really knows his stuff and is very professional. I am recommending him publicly as well as to all my family and friends for the fantastic job he has done fixing my arm and back.
Paul Leadbetter
Paul Leadbetter
14. September, 2021.
Frank was super supportive and really took the time to consider what was best for, and would work for me. Would recommend Frank and the clinic.
Kay Property Investments
Kay Property Investments
11. September, 2021.
Steph Jemphrey looked after me when I persued physio as part of my aftercare when having shockwave treatment for both achillies. Visits spanned over 8months. Steph proved to be more valuable to me than the consultant who specialised in 'solely' in feet and ankles. Steph's knowledge and ability to convey to me what was going on in my ankles and feet put me in an amazing mental place to be able to deal with bearly being able to walk for 3months during lockdown. My new found mechincal knowlegde and the gentle rehab excerises Steph provided via a web link put me back on my feet - slowly and very measured . Exercises provided via the web link were excellent, you could tick them off when done and rate your pain levels / difficulty when doing them. Properly recording progress - key to staying positive. I seriously looked foward to my visits and treatment. Just under a year on and I am close to pain free after being as good as disabled. I miss my visits and chats and physio - Many Kind Regards & Thanks Kevin Arlett
rebecca bovone
rebecca bovone
18. August, 2021.
I’m not normally the one that leaves reviews, but I was so pleased with the experience I had with the way I was helped recovering from my injury. Anthony was professional and really knowledgeable, and provided me with personalised advice to increase my strength and confidence, and to help me running again in the safest way. I honestly couldn’t recommend this more.
Pamela Lyall
Pamela Lyall
12. August, 2021.
I couldn't have asked for more from my physio, Biju. He worked me quite hard and also gave me some exercises to do at home. I was quite fearful of going - both because of COVID restrictions and also because I was afraid that there might be nothing to be done with me - but the clinic was spotless and the restrictions helpfully managed. Biju said to me that I would not be left with a sore lower back - and that was possibly the most helpful thing he said! And after doing the exercises - both stretching and strengthening - I do feel much better!