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Edinburgh Physiotherapy

45-minute initial consultation £58
30-minute follow-up consultation £53

With Phil Mack, Consultant Sports & MSK Physiotherapist:
45- minute initial consultation £65
30-minute follow-up £60

Peebles Physiotherapy

45-minute initial consultation £55
30-minute follow-up consultation £50

With Phil Mack, Consultant Sports & MSK Physiotherapist:
45-minute initial consultation £60
30-minute follow- up £55


Edinburgh and Peebles

45-minute home visit physiotherapy consultation £85
45-minute work place/station assessment (including detailed report and recommendations) £110


Edinburgh:- If you would like to make an appointment at any of our three Edinburgh massage clinics please call Fiona McFadyen on 07947 342952

1-hour appointment £47
30-minute appointment £32


Shockwave is available at our Edinburgh Physiotherapy clinics as well as Peebles Physiotherapy and is administered by a Shockwave Therapy Specialist. During your appointment, your Specialist will combine physiotherapy treatment and advice along with your shockwave therapy to ensure you get the best chance of a successful result.
Research and experience suggest that a minimum of three treatments is required, but this can be discussed with your Specialist during your appointment.

The cost for 3 sessions £255. Alternatively, you can book a single consultation and treatment at £85.
Please contact the admin team on 0131 218 3000 to make a booking.


Shockwave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction using highly specialised focused shockwave equipment is available from our Edinburgh clinic.
The amount of sessions required varies from patient to patient, and depends on a number of factors. Therefore we offer a free, no obligation phone consultation with our Shockwave Therapy Specialist to establish the likely number of sessions required, explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

Please contact the admin team on 0131 218 3000 to arrange your initial free consultation.
The cost is £300 per session.


A discount scheme is available to groups and sports clubs.

We cover all major insurance companies.

Based on 78 reviews
13. February, 2023.
I have seen Peter O 'Hanlon at the South Gyle Practise for treatment on my shoulder. Peter has provided massage treatment and an exercise programme to follow at home both of which have helped me so much in my recovery. I have regained confidence to carry out day to day activities. Peter is an excellent Physiotherapist, professional, understanding and very friendly. I highly recommend Peter to anyone. I really can't thank him enough for getting me back on track. Julie Garvey
Amy Robertson
Amy Robertson
10. February, 2023.
Peter has been fantastic in helping me recover from a small shoulder injury. Everything about my treatment has been well explained and the approach has meant I recovered quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Peter to anyone requiring a physio.
Elaine Mason
Elaine Mason
1. February, 2023.
I wrenched my back, and was left immobile - had never happened before. Got in touch with the South Gyle branch of the clinic, and saw Peter O’Hanlon. Peter is absolutely lovely; very welcoming and really positive, and was fully engaged with getting me properly mobile again. He took a full detailed history, gave me a series of exercises and stretches, and has just set me up with a strength training program to prevent the back issue recurring. I’d recommend Peter’s skill, care, attention to detail and sheer positivity to anyone looking for a good physiotherapist. I’m delighted with the treatment I’ve had and am so happy to have had such good care. Thank you!
Scott Coomber
Scott Coomber
31. January, 2023.
Saw Anthony Guiducci for post hip surgery rehabilitation and now feeling back to normal and able to do all of the things I was before. Would definitely recommend Anthony, incredibly nice and does a great job!
David Sansom
David Sansom
2. January, 2023.
Great stuff from the physio. Really good knowledge of issues and great treatment over the course of the injury. Recovery is ongoing.
Stephen Robertson
Stephen Robertson
15. December, 2022.
I saw Anthony Guiducci for pain in my lower back and leg. He spent some time to properly understand the underlying problem and provided both hands on treatment when necessary and a range of stretches and exercises for me to do at home. I found I made great progress when doing the exercises regularly and got to the point of being almost pain free. I know what to do to prevent the pain returning and as long as I do that I’m confident that I’ll be at least mostly pain free long term. Anthony was excellent and I would happily recommend him to anyone.
Alison McKendry
Alison McKendry
11. December, 2022.
Had a shoulder problem and was referred to Frank at South Gyle (by one of the physios at the Gracemount practice) as he is the expert on shoulders. After only a few appointments with Frank the problem has almost disappeared and should go completely if I continue with the exercises. Frank is very knowledgeable and takes time to explains what the problem is caused by, how it affects movement, and also what the exercises will achieve and why. I can wholeheartedly recommend Frank as an expert practitioner, and Physio Clinics in general as various of their therapists at various locations have helped me with various problems over the years.
margaret mcbride
margaret mcbride
18. November, 2022.
Had my first appointment with Shane today. Very professional and thorough examination. Hopefully exercises he has recommended and shown me how to do will improve pain in my thigh. Definitely will go back.
John Mitchell
John Mitchell
28. October, 2022.
For over 3 years I've had an upper back and neck issue that I've been to 4 four physios about with little to no improvement. I thought it was going to be something I would have to live with rather than get resolved. Speaking to a friend they recommended Physiotherapy Clinics and wouldn't stop raving about how they fixed them up after a major back injury. Anthony diagnosed the issue and provided a course of treatment that was simple to follow. He was extremely helpful and patient with my various aches and pains as are the support staff. Finally, the underlying cause has been properly identified and resolved. In addition the various exercises were all registered on an app which helps you track progress instead of scribbled pieces of paper that I've had from other Physios. Hopefully I never need physio again but if I do, this is the first place I'm going!
Stevie Adams
Stevie Adams
25. October, 2022.
Anthony was superb sorted a Trapped Nerve issue that was causing me so much pain, apart from fixing the problem he identified the cause and we worked, are working, on that. Today while exercising he picked up a on a hip problem that i have had niggling me for 30+ years and diagnosed the issue! I will definitely be back in the New Year to work on that one with Anthony. 5 stars isn’t enough…