Physiotherapy Exercise Programmes

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Physiotherapy Exercises for Neck Pain, work-related injuries, sports injuries, occupational health

Have you ever attended physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathy treatment and been given an exercise programme to follow, only to get home and forget half of what you’ve been advised to do?

At The Physiotherapy Clinics and Peebles Physiotherapy, this is now a thing of the past. We have invested in one of the world’s most advanced software systems that will allow our Physiotherapists to follow up their treatment & advice with a clear and concise exercise description and demonstration programme. Click here to see an example programme for lower back pain.

Rehabilitation exercises, and advice you are provided, for example, adjustments to training or day to day activities, are a key part of a successful recovery from injury. Carrying out the correct technique, at the right speed and the right number of repetitions can often be misinterpreted, potentially reducing the benefit of the exercise or even aggravating the injury further. Our new exercise software will prevent this, as well as improve the overall experience of our patients.

See our article for the treatment and advice for lower back pain


Physiotec, a Canadian based Company have been working closely with The Physiotherapy Clinics and Peebles Physiotherapy so that our Physiotherapists are able to quickly produce detailed, bespoke programmes for their patients, including video demonstrations, diagrams and step by step instructions thereby reducing the risk of exercises being performed incorrectly. Patients are able to review their programme via a computer, smart phone, tablet or iPad. This allows you to take your exercises to the gym and follow the video demonstrations. Programmes can easily be printed if this is required.

Here is an example of an programme for back pain.

Physiotherapy exercise programme, double knee-to-chest, sports injuries, back pain, hip pain, rehabilitation

Perfect as part of rehabilitation for sports injuries

Our Sports Physiotherapists are especially delighted with the Physiotec software, as it allows them to provide bespoke training programmes as well as rehab programmes. This is particularly important for sports people who want to maintain their fitness whilst not further aggravating their injury.

The feedback from patients during a recent three-month trial period has been excellent. Here are some of the comments from patients following a questionnaire review: 

Try out our example programme for lower back pain

Here is an example of the kind of physiotherapy programme we can produce click here. Each exercise comprises of instructions (including how many reps, sets and frequency), as well as a video of how to perform the exercise. Everything you need to complete your rehabilitation.

We hope you like the programme. If you would like to know more about our software or physiotherapy services, give us a call on 07738 304238

Here are some comments from patients who have benefitted from our new software:

I found my programme clear, easy to follow and supported the advice provided by my Physiotherapist. The videos are fantastic.

After sustaining a serious knee injury requiring surgery, my rehab required to be pretty extensive. The programme Phil put together was long but the the videos and explanations are great and I’m even able to follow his plan from my phone.

My programme is really easy to follow. I take my phone to the gym and go through each exercise via the link I was sent

Phil Mack, Physiohterapist, Peebles Physiotherapy, The Physiotherapy clinics

Phil has over 17 years of experience working with professional and international athletes and teams throughout UK, Australia and South Africa, including the South African Springboks, Leicester Tigers and Ulster Rugby as well as the South African Triathlon Team.