Patient Procedures

What to expect when you arrive at one of  our clinics

Your Appointment

The following instructions are to help protect both yourself and your Physiotherapist, as well as help to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus. Please don’t worry about having to remember the following procedures, as your Physiotherapist will be there to help and guide you through each step of the process.

  • Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible and wait outside the clinic main front door (for Gracemount appointments your physiotherapist will greet you in the mezzanine area outside the gym.  Please do not enter the gym).
  • Please don’t knock or try to open the door
  • Your Physiotherapist will open the door at your appointment time and ask you to first sanitise your hands with alcohol gel
  • You will be provided with a new face mask to place over your mouth and nose, using the ear loops
  • Your temperature will be checked using an infrared “no contact sensor”
  • Your Physiotherapist will then let you into the clinic and you will be taken directly to the treatment room. For your safety, the waiting areas have been cordoned off and our reception staff will all be working from home
  • Please avoid touching doors and handrails
  • Physiotherapist will co-ordinate a clear passage for you to enter or leave the clinic
  • You will only be asked to remove clothing where it makes a significant difference to the recommended treatment

Please note:

  • In accordance with the infection control measures, the clinic toilets will be unavailable until further notice (for Gracemount, toilets are available just outside the gym doors)
  • Children may not accompany the patient into the clinic. If you require someone to be with you at your appointment, please let our admins team know in advance of your appointment 0131 218 3000

 Infection Control and Personal Protection Equipment

  • Our physiotherapy team have all completed the World Health Organisation training for infection control and the use of PPE equipment and have certificates of completion.
  • When you meet your Physiotherapist, they will have completed the WHO handwashing protocol and will be wearing a new facemask, gloves and apron
  • You will be provided with and asked to wear a facemask prior to entering the clinic
  • The treatment room, plinth and surfaces are thoroughly disinfected between patients
  • Disposable paper plinth roll will be on the treatment plinth instead of cotton plinth cover
  • Pillows will no longer be used

Personal symptoms

  • If you have developed a cough, fever or feel excessively fatigued since making your booking, please contact our admin team BEFORE going to your appointment on 0131 218 3000