Remote Physiotherapy Comsutations

A live video chat with your Physiotherapist


Although you cannot replace the benefits of hands-on treatment from your Specialist Physiotherapist, time restraints from work and home life can sometimes make it difficult to attend one of our clinics. We are therefore delighted to announce an exciting new online physiotherapy consultation service for our patients.

The online consultation still offers great benefits to each patient. Your Physiotherapist will discuss your injury or pain with you in detail, and combined with movement assessment and testing (which you will be guided through), your Physiotherapist will be able to establish a provisional diagnosis.

Your Physiotherapist will then be able to provide you with guidance and advice, including a self-treatment plan and detailed exercise program.

How do I arrange an online video consultation?

You can call 07738 304238 or email to arrange an appointment. All details and any questions you may have will be explained to you by our experienced admin team.

How does the online video consultation work?

  • One of our Specialist Physiotherapists will call you via your preferred media platform (Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger or Facetime)
  • During your online appointment details of your injury or pain will be recorded on our secure clinical database
  • Your Specialist Physiotherapist may request you to perform certain movements or activities to help ascertain a provisional diagnosis
  • The provisional diagnosis will be explained to you along with any further injury/pain management recommendations
  • Any appropriate self-treatment plan will be explained including a demonstration of techniques or exercises
  • An exercise plan (when appropriate) with video demonstrations will be sent to you via email
  • Your Physiotherapist will discuss follow up sessions with you, whether one is required, and the recommended gap between appointments
  • Most health insurance companies have agreed for us to provide this service to our patients
  • Appointments will be of 30 minutes duration at a cost of £40

What will I need to prepare for the consultation?

  • You will need a good internet connection or mobile phone signal and be able to log onto either Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger or Facetime
  • Your Physiotherapist may ask you to demonstrate movements that will help identify your injury, therefore please wear suitable clothing to allow for ease of movement
  • Please have sufficient floor space available for the assessment and ability to move your phone/laptop to view any tests requested by your Physiotherapist

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Admin team on 07738 304238 or email:

Your exercise program

Your program will include video demonstrations of each exercise, along with full instructions, including how often, and how many repetitions to perform. Here is an exercise example: