Free Drop-in Clinics

Free Weekly drop-in clinics in Edinburgh & Peebles

Drop-in Clinics

Each week we run free drop-in clinics at both our Edinburgh and Peebles clinics.


Peebles Clinic: Saturday 10.00-10.30

South Gyle, Edinburgh Clinic: Tuesday 13.00-13.30

Gracemount, Edinburgh Clinic: Tuesday 16.00-16.30, Saturday 10.00-10.30

Leith, Edinburgh Clinic: Thursday 17.00-17.30, Saturday 10.00-10.30

Please check our Facebook page for updates or changes to the above dates and times.

The free drop-in clinics provide an opportunity for you to chat with one of our experienced Physiotherapists in order to gain advice on your injury. Regardless of whether it’s a sports injury, work-related injury or just a concern you have, our Physiotherapists are here to help by providing you with some great advice and suggestions of things you can try to help resolve your injury. They will also advise whether physiotherapy treatment is appropriate and, if not, what is the best action for you to take.

Unfortunately, we cannot carry out a full assessment or treatment at the drop-in clinics but we are confident you will find the advice useful to help you resolve your injury.

If you would prefer to make a full physiotherapy appointment please click to call 07738 304238 or email

Here are links for directions to our Edinburgh & Peebles drop-in clinics:

Edinburgh Clinics

Peebles Physiotherapy Clinic