Sports Performance training in Peebles and the Scottish Borders


Our Specialist Sports Physiotherapists are highly skilled to help improve your performance or general both by advising you on your training, and by helping you to overcome any limitations you are experiencing.

There are often limitations preventing athletes from reaching their ultimate performance, for example, injuries, lack of mobility or flexibility, biomechanical technical errors or muscle imbalances.

Phil Mack is one of the World’s leading experts in this field, with over 16 years improving the performance of professional and elite athletes, including the South African Springbok, Australian ACT Brumbies, Ulster and Leicester Tigers rugby teams as well as the South African Triathlon Team.

Phil’s current team of Sports Physiotherapists have a wealth of experience working with athletes of all levels, from a variety of different sports, helping them to reach their ultimate performance by correcting imbalances and by developing normal, injury free movement patterns and mechanics.

We are registered with all insurance companies throughout the UK.

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