Sports Injuries


Sports injuries are a specialised area of physiotherapy. In order to accurately diagnose, treat and rehabilitate sports injuries, your Physiotherapist requires extensive knowledge of sport in general, as well as understand the demands and bio-mechanics of your particular sport.

Sports injuries can often be highly complex and multi-faceted. Therefore, accurate diagnosis and appropriate management and treatment, as well as provision of detailed training advice, requires considerable experience.

Our Specialist Sports Physiotherapists have spent many years advancing their skills and become specialists with the treatment of sports injuries. They are all athletes in their own right and have gained an excellent reputation in this field, often working with professional, international and Olympic athletes and teams from around the world.

The team is led by Phil Mack, our Consultant Sports Physiotherapist and Sports Scientist, who is one of the most respected and experienced Sports Physiotherapists worldwide.

Running and cycling – injuries from these two popular sports are often the result of bio-mechanical errors like poor running form or incorrect bike position. Our Specialist Sports Physiotherapists are trained to identify and correct these errors, which is essential if you are going to avoid recurrence of  your injury. They can also review your training and provide advice to ensure there is no element of your training that may be contributing to your injury.

Our Physiotherapists work closely with the athlete’s coach, Sports Medicine Doctors, Podiatrists and Nutritionists and Strength and Conditioning Coaches. They are all registered with the UK physiotherapy governing body (CSP) as well as the Health and Professions Council (HSPC). They all hold current Disclosure Scotland Certificate.